gold buyers in bangalore

Gold Buyers

Are you looking for the best gold buyers ? Then we can help you. We can offer best price for your valuable gold.

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sell gold for cash in bangalore

Sell Your Gold

Do you want to sell your old or unused gold at fair rates ? Visit any of our branches. We accept any kind of fine jewellery, broken gold, scrap gold, used diamond, silver etc.

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Release Pledged Gold for Cash in bangalore

Release Pledged Gold

Akshaya Gold Company releases your pledged gold from any banks, pawn brokers, financers etc and buy back at best prices.

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check gold purity in bangalore

Cash for Your Gold

Are you looking for instant cash for gold ? We can offer you instant cash for your gold at fair rates.

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About us

About us

Akshaya Gold Company is a new venture in gold trading business with its head office at No 17, 2nd Main Road, Vyalikaval, Bangalore 560003. It is established in the year 2007.

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Best Gold Buyers in Bangalore
Sell Gold for Cash in Bangalore

Akshaya Gold Company offers instant spot cash on gold, silver or diamond jewellery with easy and simple documentations. The process of selling gold is easy and fast and we accept any kind of damaged, second-hand or unused jewellery and we accept any quantity of jewellery. Akshaya Gold Company is one of the fastest emerging gold buying company with branches all over Bangalore.

Gold buyers best Practices in Bangalore

Just walk in and see to what degree your gold could be worth. It is like a commodity that is most stable and desirable fiscal medium. Due to its special properties, it is considered as a precious metal. Some people think that taking their gold to a pawnbroker is the response to fast money. But Akshaya Gold Buyer does it in more professional manner. All our employees are technically educated and skill fully trained in analysing and evaluating exact gold value.

Benefits of Akshaya Gold Buyers in Bangalore

If you're not content with our offer, we'll gladly return your items at no charge, no questions asked. If you agree with the offer you'll get cash immediately. In the majority of instances, higher-karat used gold jewelry will be more expensive than lower karats. Cash for Gold Akshaya gold buyer gives the greatest payouts because we're licensed gold dealers. Cash for Gold Akshaya Gold Buyers you are going to get immediate money. Everything you should know about selling your cash for gold are available right here.

Step by step procedures of Buying your Gold:

  1. Check your Gold Purity checkup. We use Latest Purity Checking Machines with Exact Accurate Quality. If buying used gold jewelry, the purchaser will want to check at different markings that will tell you the purity of the gold.
  2. Todays Gold Price in Bangalore Market. You can even check our gold price of the here. If you're looking for gold buyers in Bangalore, to begin with, search and become sure that you will receive the best price for your gold jewellery.
  3. Our Executive Officer will calculate Gold Buying price by Evaluating Gold Quality in Karats with No. Of Grams Multiplied by Todays Gold Value. (No. Of Grams of Gold X Gold Rate of the day)
  4. If you're not content with our offer, we'll gladly return your items at no charge, no questions asked. If agreed will pay you Value for gold in Cash Immediately on the Spot.
  5. All these things are 1 hour procedure. We value your time, so make sure the evaluation process is done quickly. As there's no standard method to understand the sold price, there may be some changes in the quotation acquired. You might be asking yourself why gold ornament price differs in various shops.

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