We Buy Your Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelleries

Akshaya Gold Company is one of the most popular gold, silver and diamond jewellery buyers in India. Based on the measured purity of metal, best market prices for your valuable jewellery is offered. We guarantee best price than anyone else like pawn brokers, financers and other banks.

Internationally accepted standards and German XRF technology for gold evaluation are our main attractions. We give the most accurate and free results through our transparent way of gold checking. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.

We buy all kinds of fine jewelleries, unused or old gold, broken gold pieces, silver jewelleries, second-hand diamond, scrap gold, coins, bars, bullions etc. and offer instant cash for your gold. Payments can be made as instant spot cash, cheque or RTGS/IMPS as per customer’s choice.

Akshaya Gold Company is the best gold, silver, diamond buyers with its branches at Jayanagar, Yelahanka, Kengeri, Jalahalli, TC Palaya, Malleshwaram, Basveshwara Nagar and head office at No 17, 2nd Main Road, Vyalikaval, Bangalore 560003. Akshaya Gold Company has decided to move its business more deep all over India.

Sell your gold to a trusted dealer. Otherwise you will get cheated by less amount for your gold. If you want to sell your gold then visit any of our nearest branch. We have experts to evaluate all kinds of your jewelleries and would be happy to purchase from your hands. Akshaya Gold Company is also known as the best gold buyers in Bangalore.

Gold Purity Checking Methods

Basically there are three ways to check the purity of gold. They are:

  • Acid Test
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • XRF Technology.

Acid test is the simple and cheapest method used. Acid test kit contains a black touchstone and several acid solutions marked for different karats. Expert gold tester starts to scratch the black touchstone with gold and leaves a streak on the stone, then a parallel control streak using a piece of known gold is made. Finally a drop of acid solution on both streaks is made to compare the ensuring chemical reactions.

Electrical conductivity is used to identify the purity and quality of gold. Specific gel or liquid is used here to create a circuit between the device’s probe and gold. This method does not give more accurate purity of gold and there is a chance of loss of gold also exist.

Akshaya Gold Company uses the third method of gold purity checking i.e. XRF technology. It is a German made purity checking machine which gives 100% accurate results with no gold loss. This machine sends radiation through gold which X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) detects and reads to determine the quality and purity of ornaments. By analyzing the radiation, the machine figures out exactly what the item is made of.

Karat system is used for the valuation of gold. 24 point –scale is considered as highest value with 100% pure gold where 12 karat gold is considered as 50% pure. Only gold bar and coin has 24 karat purity. Other jewelleries are of 22K, 20K, 18K etc. because they contain certain metals to make it strong, tighten and durable.

How to Buy Gold and Silver Jewelleries

When you want to sell gold, silver or diamond jewelleries, make a call on 8880140140 anywhere from India, or directly visit any of our branches. Our customer representatives will answer your queries at any time. In case, if you want to release your pledged gold, our representative with valid ID card will contact you in time with required amount and will buy back the same gold after checking its purity at our branch.

Documents to be provided :

  • Original and photocopy of ID proof.
  • Original and photocopy of address/residence proof.
  • One passport size photo.

Gold Purity Evaluation and Weighing

  • To determine the purity and weight of gold or other jewellery, we use German made XRF technologies.
  • It is a completely transparent process which is done in front of customers.
  • It gives more accurate value of gold purity.
  • After purity checking and weighing processes, a printed estimate showing the detailed assessment will be given to the customer.
  • Upon full satisfaction and permission of customer, we pay instant cash via cash or cheque, RTGS/IMPS as per the choice of customer
  • We can ensure you that we give the best price every time.

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