Instant Cash for your Gold at Akshaya

Akshaya Gold Company offers instant spot cash on your gold, silver or diamond jewelleries. It is very easy process with simple documentations. We accept any kind of fine, broken, second-hand or unused jewelleries. From Akshaya Gold Company you will get the best market price for your gold. It is one of the best gold buying company with branches at Jayanagar, Yelahanka, Kengeri, Jalahalli, TC Palaya, Malleshwaram and Basveshwara Nagar.

When you sell your gold, you wish to be sure you choose somebody who will offer you fair value for your items. Selling gold is just one of the handiest and fastest methods to find fast money. You will receive the most money for gold, as it's the original gold quality form.

Want to sell your gold in Bangalore?

At Akshaya Gold Company, we are following transparent methods. You will get instant spot cash for your gold / silver or diamond jewelleries. We accept any kind of fine, unused, old, broken gold, silver or other jewelleries. We can offer the best market price for your gold than anyone else. If you want to sell your jewellery at best market prices, then do visit any of our nearest branches with all necessary documents.

Selling old and unwanted jewelry may be quick means to earn additional money, however getting the very best deal is not that simple. Selling gold jewelry is an effortless approach. By knowing the ins and outs of the gold industry, we give you a pleasant experience to sell your gold in Bangalore. Since you may see, selling gold jewelry is an easy and quick process that everyone can manage.

For more clarifications regarding our services, visit any of our nearest branches or contact us. through mail or call.

Sell Your Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewelleries

  • At Akshaya Gold Company, you can sell your gold, silver, and diamond jewelleries for best prices.
  • We buy old, second-hand, damaged or unused gold, silver and diamond jewelleries.
  • We ensures best price and value for your gold.
  • Offer instant cash or immediate online transfer for gold, silver and diamond jewelleries.

Why Akshaya Gold Company is best place to sell your gold in Bangalore?

  • Best price for your gold.
  • No making charge deduction.
  • German made purity checking machine to check gold purity.
  • Complete transparent way of checking and weighing the gold.
  • We don't melt your precious metals without your permission. In case you are not happy with the price, we will return the jewellery without any damage.
  • We pay instant cash for your gold.
  • Cash, Cheque and RTGS/IMPS (online) payment modes are available.

What are the Processes to sell Gold in Bangalore?

In urgent needs of money people tend to sell their gold jewelleries. In India, there are lot of options available to buy and pledge your gold. But in case of selling your unused or old gold, the available options are very limited and not transparent. Banks sell gold bullions, bars and coins to individuals, but they never buy back from them. So people have to sell their gold to craftsmen or jewel smith as there is no other option left for them. Jewel smiths will effectively utilize this situation and deduct heavy amounts as wastage charges, melting charges, etc. from customers and pay very less amount for their gold.

If so, then you need to know the very best method to sell gold for money. Gold is the best asset which people may turn in to cash as and when required. You don't need to deal with the gold yourself at all. In order to acquire the most money for your items you will have to contact nearby Akshaya Gold Company.
Akshaya gives you safe and secured services. It's therefore critical to decide on the most suitable buyer at the same time you sell gold jewelry. Akshaya Gold buyers will offer you with the most excellent quotes and a fast turnaround time. To be able to sell gold for cash in Bangalore, you want to visit Our branch office nearby.

On selling gold you want to research following things properly

1. Retain Purchase Bill: While selling gold, producing the original bill to jewellers is necessary. Purity and detailed information of gold in the original invoice will helps you to avoid conflicts and to get the correct value for your gold.

2. Know your Gold Worth: To know the worth of gold, take quotes from multiple jewellers for your gold before selling. By comparing the quotes from different jewellers, we can select the one which offers best value for your gold.

3. Check Purity: Check whether your ornaments are hallmarked or not. Jewellers would prefer hallmarked gold than non-hallmarked gold as it is considered as authenticity of its purity. If your ornaments bears 916 hallmarking then it is confirmed that your gold has 91.6% gold and rest is mixed with alloy to make ornaments. If your gold has no hallmarking, it may be used by jewellers for claiming low purity for your gold. To avoid this, you can visit any store which has karat meter to check gold purity and to get purity certificate.

4. Confirm the Final Gold Price: To check gold purity, jewellers use many methods like acid test, electrical conductivity test or XRF test. In the first two tests, some amount of gold may lose. Some jewellers also melt the ornaments and filter gold to determine its weight and purity. This will be a loss for you if you are not happy with the purity and weight of your melted gold. To avoid this loss of gold you need to visit a store which uses XRF technology to check purity. 5. Sell the Gold: To sell your gold the best option is the store from where you have purchased it. Because they will give the rate for same purity at which they have sold. Another best option is to go to a reputed jewellery which uses XRF technology to check gold purity and offers the highest rate for your gold.

  • Visit any of our branches.
  • Fill up the entire form which is a mandatory requirement and hand over all the necessary documents (ID proof, Residential proof and Photograph).
  • After checking your submitted documents by our staff, hand over the ornaments.
  • We use latest XRF technology which is of German made to determine the purity of ornaments.
  • Our staff will weigh your ornaments and reduce the stone weight based on its actual stone weight.
  • In worst cases, to determine the actual weight customers have to give written declaration for removing stones or melting gold.
  • We will determine the gross value of your gold based on the purity percentage.
  • Finally we will produce you an estimate showing the detailed assessment.
  • Once the customer is satisfied with the given estimate, payment will be made as per customer’s choice.

Procedures to sell your gold for Cash in Bangalore:

If you hold physical jewellery to sell

  1. Bring your ornaments to our branch.
  2. Produce original bill of the ornaments if available.
  3. Your original valid ID proof (PAN Card/Aadhaar Card).
  4. Latest original residential proof.
  5. Passport size photo.

If you want to release and sell pledged gold from banks/ pawn shops / financers

Give us a call on 8880140140. Our customer support executive will help you in fixing your doubts from 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM.
  1. Visit any of our branches with necessary documents.
  2. Bring your original pledge/pawn ticket.
  3. Your original valid ID proof.
  4. Latest original residential proof.
  5. Your passport size photo.

Gold Selling in Bangalore Tips

Selling gold can be carried out in a variety of ways and forms. Just make certain you purchase your gold from a reliable dealer and it includes an assay certificate. After much modest research, people find out Akshaya gold company offers cash for your gold so you can obtain the maximum money. Your previous gold won't be made from pure gold, hardly any things are produced with pure gold as it's simply too soft.

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